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Honda Stance. We’re online.

Honda Stance. We’re online.

By on Jul 11, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Honda Stance started as an Instagram page but now we are moving forward to bring something more to the Honda enthusiast community. What that means is we plan to reach out to photographers from around the world to feature Honda and Acura builds from all over. Japan, Russia, USA, UK, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand, and more – we know you’re out there!

Car Features

There are a lot of details that a simple instagram post can’t explore on many Honda and Acuras we feature. At HondaStance we aim to feature Street cars, Race cars, Drag Cars, and Show cars. Any way people build and enjoy their car we plan to feature and explore.

HondaStance Facebook Group

Honda Stance seeks to branch out and create a community of Honda and Acura enthusiasts to better our car culture. Look up the group “Honda_Stance” on Facebook to join. 

HS Approved 

To drive the quality of builds and leadership we will be introducing HS approved as a club. All HS approved members will recieve special pricing on parts from hondastance partners. 

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